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Family Man

  • Living in China over 12 Years 🇨🇳
  • Speaks fluent Chinese (Mandarin) 🌎
  • Married to Chinese wife 💍
  • Family owns 3 Factories in China 🏭 🏭 🏭
  • Sales Director at Chinese Factory for 8 Years 💪🏻
  • Founded SOURCING MOJO in Xiamen, China 💯

Nate's Story - From Zero to China Hero

  • PROVEN EXPERIENCE: In China 12 Years ➡️ Speaks Fluent Chinese ➡️ Married to Chinese ➡️ Family Owns 3 Chinese Factories ➡️ Worked in China Factory as CMO for 8 Years 🇨🇳
  • SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR: Founded SOURCING MOJO in Xiamen China, the leading Professional Sourcing Company with over 20 Manufacturing Experts and QC Inspectors. 💪🏻
  • GENUINELY GOOD PERSON: Faithful Servant, Husband to loving wife Renee, Father to two beautiful daughters Emily & Ella, Leader to 20 incredibly talented human beings! 💯
While working for a Chinese manufacturer for 8 years, I sat on the Chinese side of the table meeting and negotiating with executives of foreign companies. It was startling to witness how nearly 95% of the companies we dealt with had very little understanding what they were doing. Most were very poor at negotiating pricing and payment terms, product and quality standards, tooling and supplier agreements, and everything else.

I felt sincere disappointment to see how poorly Western companies performed in the Chinese environment. It was clear to me that they faced two main problems. First, they did not understand Chinese culture or Asian culture in general. Flying to Asia 1-2 weeks per year and shaking hands with suppliers isn’t going to change that. Secondly, their sourcing operations and processes were either lacking or absent altogether. They lacked the professional experience of building, implementing and running a robust supply chain system.

This is why I built SOURCINGmojo... to help entrepreneurs and corporations around the world achieve excellence in product sourcing. The SOURCINGmojo team understands and lives Chinese and Asian culture, empowering us to always achieve the best possible results in any meeting or negotiation. Our team of passionate experts know everything about the sourcing process and have decades of experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers. All of our experts are hand-picked and trained by me and come from a manufacturing background.

For the first time ever, we have deconstructed the entire sourcing process so you can learn the same expert secrets and strategies that we employ to achieve our client's product sourcing objectives. No matter whether you are seeking the best product pricing, more consistent product quality, how to achieve easy and clear communication or any other sourcing-related objective.... the SOURCING ALL-STARS program walks you through the entire product sourcing process from beginning to end so you can source with confidence and take your business to the elite level. 

A lifelong Entrepreneur, Nate seeks out every opportunity to meet new people, invest in improving himself and his companies.

                   Andy Frisella                                                                      Jesse Itzler                                                             Nick Santanastasso                                               Chris Powell                                                                            Ed Mylett
             Founder 1st Phorm                                    Founder Marquis Jets, Owner Atlanta Hawks                              Global Keynote Speaker                                   Celebrity Fitness Expert                                      Executive Chairman, World Financial Group

Nate Sedgwick In The Chinese Media


Value $2,500
  • LIABILITY: Why a legal entity is crucial for sourcing overseas.
  • ACCOUNT & WIRE TRANSFERS: Setup for international wire transfers.
  • CREDIBILITY:  How to build credibility with potential manufacturers.
  • IMPORT BONDS:  How to get import bonds for US Customs.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS:  What details are necessary to know and why:  Materials, Measurements, Performance Requirements, Designs, Artwork, Packaging Artwork, Packaging Requirement, Order Volume, Where to Ship.
  • EXAMPLE:  Example products & actual case study examples.
Value $5,000
  • PROCESS OVERVIEW:  Overview of the supplier and product research process.
  • TERMINOLOGY & COMMONLY USED TERMS: Supplier, Factory, Manufacturer, Distributor, Trading Company, Agent, RFQ or RFP, certifications.
  • FINDING SUPPLIERS:  Finding suppliers using online directories, Import Records, & Trade Shows / Exibitions.
  • COMMUNICATING WITH POTENTIAL SUPPLIERS:  Best methods to contact, How to introduce yourself and your company, how to create and send RFQ, how to calculate target pricing and how to negotiate pricing.
Value $5,000
  • TERMINOLOGY:  Overview of the product development process and commonly used terms.
  • HOW TO CREATE PRODUCT DESIGN:  What type of design file does your factory require?  Find a local designer or how to find one they work with.
  • HOW TO ORDER SAMPLES:  Stock / Standard Product samples & custom samples:  Definition (tool, mold, cavity) Sample Tool, Production Tool, Rebates/Refunds, Materials, Sample Tooling Agreement.
  • HOW TOOLS ARE MADE:  Filmed on location.
  • PROCESS OF CREATING & OPENING TOOLS:  Filmed on location at factory.
Value $5,000
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Commonly used terms and overview of the quality assurance process.
  • QUALITY & PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:  How to create quality & performance standards.  Creating a quality standards agreement.  How to get your factory to agree on standards.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES:  Pre-shipment inspection, production monitoring & factory audit.
  • RESOLVING QUALITY DISPUTES:  Have standards & agreements in place, catch quality issues before they become a problem, negotiating settlement, performance improvement plans & when to end a manufacturing relationship.
Value $5,000
  • TERMINOLOGY & ORDERING PROCESS OVERVIEW:  Overview of the ordering process and commonly used terms.
  • SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT: How to create a supplier agreement and build a strong relationship with a supplier.
  • ORDER MANAGEMENT:  How to create purchase orders, understanding lead times, first follow up orders, and how to arrange pre-shipment inspection & shipment of goods.
  • PAYMENTS:  Payment terms, when to make payments and how to avoid fraud and scams.
Value $2,500
  • TERMINOLOGY:  Overview of the shipping and receiving process and commonly used terms.
  • SHIPPING:  How to ship goods, how to find a freight forwarder and is cargo insurance necessary?
  • RECEiVING:  How to import goods through customs, obtaining an import bond and where to deliver your goods.
  • ​HIDING YOUR INFORMATION:  How to ask US Customs to conceal your information and how to find your competitors Information.
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